AXA Billboards

Working together with we made the commercial billboards for Geronimo's 'Bestemming X'.

I used a combination of classic compositing and 2.5D animation to change a stock photo into a dynamic background with cameramovement.

This is a little behind the scenes on how some of the animations were made.

Production was done by

Bestemming X is produced by Geronimo

Visual FX and animation by me

Scriptieprijs 2023

For the last couple of years I've been making

the yearly recruitment trailer for the Vlaamse Scriptieprijs.

The animation and the iconagraphy had to be based on the visual style of the Vlaamse Scriptieprijs for this year, but I always get a lot of freedom in how to use it.

I used Cinema 4D to create the stylized 3D world. Then editing and compositing was done in After Effects.


An animation to promote Learn4Dev's new learning tool.

It's completely 2D with alot of character animation.

All work was done in After Effects.

Viktors Grote Ruiltocht

The title animation for GoPlay's Viktors Grote Ruiltocht had to be whimsical and symbolize his tour through Belgium.

I used lots of pictures of the Belgium landscape and city skylines to get the typical feeling of driving in the Belgium countryside.

Production was done by

Animation by me

Agenda 2030

Commisioned by GIZ to promote the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Because everyting was done in house I had a lot of freedom to create a style specially for this animation. It needed to be charming and colourfull and so I decided to make a combination of simple 2D shapes and polygonal 3D models to create the scenes as little miniature worlds.